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The Clean Tech Industry Faces Several Barriers Before Implementation

Dr. Alfred Marcus

There is little doubt in the demand for clean tech and clean energy in today’s marketplace. However, a host of barriers stand in the way of clean tech’s path to mainstream integration.

As far as clean tech clusters are concerned, the Upper Midwest is best known for wind production. One of the [...]

What Will Clean Tech Startups Need as the Clean Tech Industry Expands?

Dr. Alfred Marcus

As clean tech clusters begin to form across the country, organizations like the BioBusiness Alliance are making conscious attempts to catalyze the creation of these clusters. By establishing funding systems in these industries, these clean tech clusters will grow very rapidly. Once an industry cluster is established, the companies [...]

Clean Tech Clusters Will Accelerate Clean Tech Innovation

Dr. Alfred Marcus

Every area of the nation is known for industrial specialties. These areas are easily recognized and new companies in those industries tend to gravitate to those geographies. Silicon Valley is known for information technology, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are home to pharmaceuticals and Boston is well known for biotechnology.

One of the [...]

Why Entrepreneurial Commitment to Emerging Fields Persists Despite Risk

An enactment theory helps to explain why entrepreneurial commitment to emerging fields relevant to business and society such as energy efficiency and renewable energy persists despite the uncertain prospects for success. According to the theory, actions affect commitment through their effects on beliefs. Entrepreneurs in emerging fields take actions to influence relevant stakeholders and infuse them with a field’s norms and values. [...]

Entrepreneurs’ Commitment to Renewable Resources and Energy Conservation

Conserving energy and using renewable resources are among the more important activities toward which socially responsible businesses can aim. Understanding how fields in these socially important domains are established and maintained and how entrepreneurial commitment to them is sustained are therefore important issues for business and society researchers. [...]

Technology Foresight and R&D Strategy

Developing an R&D strategy and identifying new technology-based opportunities is a critical activity today. From incremental maintenance of core technologies to long-term threats and opportunities such as nanotechnology, a business needs to understand and manage more technology options than ever before. Technology Foresight is a perspective and process that can sort the options, identify new technology opportunities, and develop coherence between short- and longer-term R&D. The process leverages the insights of the company’s technical personnel to identify current technology strengths and, with outside information, develop foresight from the interaction of industry and technology trends. [...]

The Technology Foresight Process for Business Success

Informed by the business strategy, the first part of the Technology Foresight process is to understand—in depth and strategic importance—the current competitive technology strengths of the company. These are extrapolated along both business and technology lines. They lead to identifying the company’s technology Power Zone in a three-dimensional technology space. [...]

Technology Foresight Defined

For companies in markets and industries where technologies play a critical role in business success, a fundamental and critical question underlies all business activity: how to manage technologies, present and emerging, from both inside and outside the company, to enhance competitive position and drive sustainable profitable growth? [...]

Cross-Sector Cooperation in Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Technologies

If a region’s leadership position in sustainable renewable energy and energy conservation technologies is to be secured, it will not only require technological breakthroughs, but also new forms of cross-sector cooperation. Institutions from the public, private, and non-profit sectors must discover new ways to act in concert to bring about change. [...]

Sustainable Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Technologies

Technology breakthroughs in sustainable renewable energy and energy conservation technologies require that there be a strong institutional ecosystem in place that supports innovation. The Nobel Prize winning economist Doug North has established that major economic leaps forward do not rest on technology alone. They require a sound institutional foundation, but the nature of this institutional foundation and how it works particularly in the area of sustainable renewable energy technology and energy conservation is not well known. [...]