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Bridging the gap between business and engineering.  

For high-tech companies, business success is all about mastering the gray zone – that area of the company where business, engineering, science, and technologies converge.  TLI programs and activities help high-tech professionals, managers, and leaders grow their businesses by showing them ways to explore and maximize growth in the gray zone

TLI’s skill set includes technology foresight and forecasting, innovation, strategic management of technology, new product and business development, science and technology policy, and intellectual property.  With an eye on helping high-tech firms maximize their growth potential, TLI shows high-tech companies how to move more adeptly within the gray zone by exploring ways to

  • map technology strategies
  • maximize intellectual property assets
  • marshal technologies
  • stimulate innovation
  • commercialize ideas

We take an in-depth, integrated approach that works in the relentless world of high-tech business.  Check us out. If you’re a pacesetter within the high-tech community, you’ll find that TLI has programs, activities, and services for your gray-zone challenges.


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Join us for the 16th Rochester Signature Series April 21 & 22 and May 19 & 20! Learn about some of the hottest topics from key professors from the Master of Science in the Management of Technology program.  High-tech professionals and leaders will gain information to use immediately on the job and to have ready for future challenges. This year's Series includes courses taught by Massoud Amin, Stephen Wilbers, Steve Webster, and Kirk Froggatt.  Now offering CEUs!  You can earn .65 CEUs/day or 2.6 CEUs/4 days.  Click on the banner above to learn more!


Technically Speaking: Leadership in Action | TLI's exciting speaker series


TLI is bringing the business technology community together on the third Wednesday of each month with our exciting speaker series.  Industry leaders present their insights on a broad range of high-impact topics and participants share their views and experiences at these interactive events.  Grow your career and network with the TLI community.  The events are free, but space is limited, so reserve your seat early.

Connect. Engage. Discover.  Click on the banner above to learn more!

Our Mission

TLI’s mission is to develop local and global leaders for technology enterprises, and to empower executives and leaders in their strategic vision to leverage technology to drive business development.

290 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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