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The Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation | Technological Leadership Institute

Series Event Date: Monday, October 28, 2019 - 6:00pm

Location: Johnson Great Room | McNamara Alumni Center | 200 Oak Street, SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Speakers: Panel: Gerald Kane, visiting scholar at Harvard Business School and professor of Information Systems at Boston College's Carroll School of Management; Anh Phillips, senior manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP. Moderator: Judy Pennington, IT consultant & TLI faculty

Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find a technology fix that will help their organizations compete. Digital disruption won't end anytime soon; the average worker will probably experience numerous waves of disruption during the course of a career. The insights offered by "The Technology Fallacy," whose co-authors are our guest speakers, will hold true through them all.

This seminar will offer managers and business leaders a guide for surviving digital disruptions ― but it is not about technology. It is about the organizational changes required to harness the power of technology.

Photo of speakers for October 28 2019 Technically Speaking event

Guest speakers Gerald Kane and Anh Phillips argue that digital disruption is primarily about people and that effective digital transformation involves changes to organizational dynamics and how work gets done. Focusing solely on selecting and implementing the right digital technologies is not likely to lead to success. The best way to respond to digital disruption is by changing the company culture to be more agile, risk-tolerant and experimental.

Kane and Phillips draw on five years of research, which was conducted in a partnership between MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, surveying more than 20,000 people and conducting interviews with managers at such companies as Walmart, Google and Salesforce. They introduce the concept of digital maturity ― the ability to take advantage of opportunities offered by the new technology ― and address the specifics of digital transformation, including cultivating a digital environment, enabling intentional collaboration and fostering an experimental mindset. Every organization needs to understand its “digital DNA” in order to stop “doing digital” and start “being digital.

Join us for happy hour (appetizers and cash bar) from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to network with University of Minnesota and community technology professionals. The program will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m.

Event Schedule:
5:30 p.m.: Happy hour & networking
6:00 p.m.: Program begins
7:00 p.m.: Large group Q&A with the guest speakers
7:15 p.m.: Program concludes & networking

About the Speaker

Dr. Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane is a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School and Professor of Information Systems at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. He is a co-author of a new book published through MIT Press, "The Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation," which focuses on the organizational, cultural, leadership and strategic elements of adapting organizations to a digital world. He is also a senior editor at MIS Quarterly. Prof. Kane’s research interests include exploring digital disruption and transformation, the organizational applications and implications of social media and the role of information systems in social networks. He teaches on emerging technology and digital business to undergraduate, graduate and executive education students worldwide.

Anh Phillips is a researcher and author from Deloitte’s CIO Program, where she studies the impact of emerging digital technologies on an organization’s leadership, talent and culture. She recently co-authored the book, "The Technology Fallacy," based on more than four years of research. Her work has been cited in leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review and Fortune. Prior to this role, Anh spent more than 10 years leading business and technology teams in implementing CRM and order management solutions for clients. Anh has a B.A. in Humanities and did post-graduate studies in Comparative Literature, where she explored the intersection of technology and culture.

Judy Pennington has spent the last 30+ years working in and around technology organizations. She has a foundation in technology and has focused at the intersection of people and technology. Judy has specialized in IT around workforce transformation, leadership development, operating model and organizational design, learning and development, culture and change management. Judy has experience designing and developing streamlined IT organizations and operations from working both inside IT organizations (she has been part of three IT executive leadership teams as a direct report to the CIO) and in a consultative role. Most recently, Judy was a managing director with Deloitte Consulting, where she was a CIO Fellow and a member of the leadership team and faculty for the CIO Next Generation Academy. She also led the IT workforce transformation practice for Deloitte. She has co-authored a number of articles for the Wall Street Journal CIO Report, as well as for Deloitte's 2015 and 2016 Technical Trends report: "IT Worker of the Future" (2015) and "RightSpeeding IT" (2016).

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