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Are you looking for innovative and insightful ways to develop your company's talent? The Technological Leadership Institute is happy to bring its expertise to you. In addition to our customizable short courses, the Technological Leadership Institute offers pre-selected short course offerings taught at your location and tailored to your business or employee needs. These courses are taught by industry experts and renowned consultants who understand the complexities and nuances of the technology industry.

TLI offers 14 short courses available in full-day and half-day segments. They are broken down into three categories:

Innovation, Leadership & Communication

Leadership in the New Business Normal

Typical Length: 8 hours
In the “new business normal” where both the external environment and employee expectations are very dynamic, leading progress requires a new mindset, tool set and skill set. In this workshop we will explore the changing context of leadership, discuss the role, mindset and differentiating capabilities of great innovation leaders, and review a variety of leadership practices that can help you focus, align and engage your teams to accelerate progress. Most importantly, we will spend time in small group-application discussions to translate key insights into focused actions or practices to enhance your personal leadership effectiveness and accelerate progress in your current role.

How to Create and Stimulate a Culture of Innovation

Typical Length: 8 hours
Innovation is the primary driver of economic value and growth in our world. Fortunately, innovation is not just a matter of luck but, as Peter Drucker said, "It is a discipline, capable of being learned, capable of being practiced." This course will focus on how leaders create the conditions for innovation and on practical tools to help foster innovation growth. We achieve this through classroom and breakout discussions, and by covering short readings to be completed in advance.

Managing New Product Development for Business Growth

Typical Length: 8 hours
Marketing focus on new product development to enhance business growth. This course covers the impact of implementing a marketing focus, creating and sustaining product value, enhancing new product success and managing a product portfolio.

Corporate Entrepreneurship in a Global Environment

Typical Length: 8 hours
Identify and develop new business opportunities within an existing corporation. Explore ways to make an established corporation “entrepreneurial” and market new technologies both within and outside a corporation.

Strategic Cost Management

Typical Length: 8 hours
Introduction to cost-system design and assigning capacity costs, activity-based costing, using activity-based costing to assess customer profitability, and use of the balanced scorecard to communicate and devise strategy.

Conflict Management

Typical Length: 8 hours
Learn theory and practice methods for applying conflict management techniques in an organization. This course covers cooperative and competitive models of conflict, basics of bargaining, conflict strategies, communication styles, listening skills, dispute resolution and third-party mediation.

Communication in a Technical Environment: Developing Writing and Presenting Skills

Typical Length: 8 hours
This morning session will empower you to write with more confidence, recognize patterns of wordiness, edit for clarity and emphasis, avoid common errors that undermine your credibility, proofread effectively and use a three-step approach to organize your messages. The afternoon session will equip you with the skills to deliver presentations with poise and confidence by applying nationally-recognized communication expert Bert Decker’s nine behavioral skills to master the physical act of speaking effectively while thinking on your feet.

Technology Management

Technology Management as a Dynamical System: Applying Feedback, Modeling, Optimization, and Control Principles to Improve Business Performance

Typical Length: 8 hours
This course is an introduction to the strategic management of technology. Participants gain an understanding of strategic management issues related to technology-based businesses.

Emerging and Pivotal Technologies

Typical Length: 8 hours
Methodology for identifying and understanding emerging technologies that could fundamentally change how we do things. This course focuses on "pivotal technologies," which are select technologies poised to have a significant societal impact and which continue to open new business opportunities. The course will also address current state-of the-art for several technologies, along with barriers and opportunities for successful implementation.

Digital Disruption: Innovation and Strategies for a Digital World

Typical Length: 8 hours
The simultaneous transitions in the economy, demographics and technology are creating new challenges for businesses. The increasing pace and complexity of globalization  coupled with the gap in experiential knowledge needed to adapt and adopt new ways of reaching and keeping customers, employees and stakeholders engaged via the internet  is leaving many companies in danger of becoming flash "boiled frogs." Disruptions of entire industries now occur at speeds far beyond the experience of most management. How much to invest, where to invest, what infrastructure and platforms are needed to keep pace with changes in technology, worker demographics and cultures? How much change is needed to keep from being disrupted? This course explores the factors and features of the internet-driven world of commerce and how to connect customers to products in a world that demands company relevance and meaning at the individual, community, state, national and global levels.

Technology Development & Management in a Global Environment

Typical Length: 8 hours
Learn about issues in the development and internationalization of technology and business with a special focus on international management of technology.


Cyber Security and Corporate Liability: What the Board Needs to Know to Protect Their Organization and Itself

Typical Length: 8 hours
This course prepares the board and C-suite for their roles in cybersecurity risk management. It provides the foundation for understanding cybersecurity risk governance and the expected involvement of these leadership positions in protecting an organization from the inevitable impact of a security incident.

Understanding and Managing Cybersecurity Risk for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations: Building a Roadmap for Success

Typical Length: 8 hours
Cybersecurity risks exist in every organization, whether you have planned for it or not. This course will improve participants' understanding of the cybersecurity risks facing every organization. It will teach participants tools to assess the risks and threats facing their business and how to prepare for the impact of an incident.

Cyber Threat Proliferation in Your Business: Prepare for the Surprises and Opportunities in the Interconnected World

Typical Length: 8 hours
Threats and vulnerabilities can come from a million directions, including mobile devices, employees, service providers and the Internet of Things. This course will inform your organization of what to look for (guidance on policies, standards and technology) and how to react to these threats to manage the risk and remain productive in the new economy.

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