Organizational Values | Technological Leadership Institute

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  • Takes accountability
  • Maintains ethics and confidentiality
  • Is open to different points of view
  • Speaks and acts consistently and honestly
  • Meets commitments
  • Supports and implements decisions


  • Fosters high performance teaming
  • Stimulates creativity, new ideas and learning
  • Takes reasoned risks
  • Celebrates success/learns from failure
  • Courageously challenges the status quo and builds partnerships/concensus in manner consistent with TLI values, compliance and due process

Excellence & Quality

  • Seeks continuous improvement
  • Maintains highest academic and businss standards and credibility
  • Is persistent in the face of challenges
  • Addresses goals with urgency and focus

Commitment to the U of M/CSE/TLI Internal & External Customers

  • Anticipates and addresses customer needs
  • Incorporates customer needs and wants into solutions
  • Honors commitments to customers
  • Considers customer perspective in decision-making
  • Provides excellent stewardship of TLI resources

Commitment to Each Other

  • Exhibits trust by assuming positive motives in others
  • Listens compassionately and attentively for possibilities
  • Pursues ways to improve teamwork
  • Practices and welcomes appreciative and constructive coaching
  • Maintains an enthusiastic, can-do attitude
  • Includes colleagues' perspectives in decision-making

Commitment to the Mission, Vision & Values of the University of Minnesota

  • Builds on the values of TLI by striving to achieve Roadmap goals
  • Includes larger team and societal perspectives in decision-making; demonstrating a societal perspective consistent with TLI Roadmap goals and for technological leadership in Minnesota
  • Seeks opportunities to make a positive difference in Minnesota and the world