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Ted Labuza

Ted_LabuzaTed Labuza is the Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Food Science and Engineering in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. His research includes development of rapid response analytical methods to detect bioterror agents, inactivation kinetics so as to safely dispose of large volumes of contaminated foods, modeling of the food distribution system to evaluate threats and use of RFID technology to enhance traceability and safety, all funded in part through the National Center for Food Protection and Defense.  He has co/authored over 245 refereed research papers, 17 books and 75 book chapters and teaches courses in food safety (emphasis on ethics and sound science based regulation), food law, physics of water in biological materials, reaction kinetics and food chemistry


Expertise:  Food physical chemistry, modeling of processing and shelf life through use of heat and mass transfer principles, food laws and regulations, growth and death kinetics of pathogens as a function of temperature, humidity and chemical sanitizers

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