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    Diversity by Design: Enriching Curriculums and Industries Alike

    Dr. Daniel Mooradian, Honeywell/James J. Renier Chair in Technology Management and Director of Graduate Studies for the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI)program at the Technological Leadership Institute, writes about the importance of "diversity by design" for the creativity and success of curriculums, teams and organizations -- and how he has seen this benefit MDI students and alumni.
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    Technically Speaking Rescheduled for Feb. 27

    The Technically Speaking event scheduled for Tuesday, February 5 has been postponed until further notice due to declining weather conditions. Imagine innovating, only to find out the concept has already been patented by someone else ... years ahead of you. The concept wasn't even feasible until now, so how could someone have already patented it? Find out at The Art of Disruptive Innovation: Business Survival Skills for the 21st Century.

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    Following Wine Country Wildfires, Dr. Massoud Amin Urges Reform of Power Grid

    Following the devastating wildfires that affected much of Wine Country in California this fall, TLI Director Dr. Massoud Amin stresses the need for a better power grid. "Smart grids," he argues, could alert us days in advance to help save lives and precious resources.

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    Hacking, Cyber Crime Addressed at 2017 Cyber Security Summit

    Former TLI fellow Andrew Borene is quoted in this FOX9 (KMSP) video and article about the 2017 Cyber Security Summit, which is addressing many cybersecurity challenges and opportunities — including hacking and other online criminal activity.

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    TLI Senior Fellow and Alum Honored for Support and Cyber Training in Croatia

    TLI is honored to be recognized for its ongoing partnership with the Minnesota National Guard and the Croatian Ministry of Defense, led by Mike Johnson, director of graduate studies for the M.S. in Security Technologies program. Johnson and 2017 MSST graduate Col. Matthew Vatter were among those honored with the Order of the Croatian Interlace Award for their training and support of the country's cybersecurity efforts and critical infrastructure.
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    TLI Fellow Andrew Borene to Appear on WCCO

    TLI Fellow and Cyber Security Summit Chairman Emeritus Andrew Borene will appear on WCCO on Sunday, October 22 from 1-1:30 p.m. Borene will preview the seventh annual Cyber Security Summit, which runs from October 23-25 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. TLI is a founding sponsor of the event.

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    The War on Cyber Crime Should Start at the Top

    In response to recent and widespread data breaches from organizations such as Yahoo! and Equifax, Director of Graduate Studies for the M.S. in Security Technologies Mike Johnson stresses the importance of business leaders and security professionals to take responsibility and accountability for cybersecurity threats.
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    TLI Security Expert Suggests Improvements for Emergency Training for Event Workers

    In the wake of the October Las Vegas shooting, event workers and security personnel have begun speaking out that they lack the guidance and training to handle mass shootings. TLI faculty member and security expert Michael Rozin weighs in on what could be done to better prepare personnel and put workers at ease. Rozin teaches in the M.S. in Security Technologies program.

  • Upcoming Events

    • The Art of Disruptive Innovation: Business Survival Skills for the 21st Century

      February 27, 2019



      To business owners, technology managers, scientists, engineers, in-house legal counsel, faculty, students and alumni who are working to create the technology of the future.

      Picture this: You work at a company whose mission is to "invent the next big thing," or just stay one step ahead of the competition. You innovate, only to find out the concept has already been patented by someone else ... years ahead of you. The concept wasn't even feasible until now, so how could someone have already patented it?

      What you have just discovered is that your company has fallen victim to "disruptive innovation," whereby another company leapfrogs over its competitors and locks in essential ownership of future technologies before they are even feasible to build.

      Our speaker Michael Lasky is a patent attorney, published author and tireless educator devoted to helping companies see innovation differently. It's not just about being creative, but about staking a claim. Most companies have the ability to be the first to innovate, but fail at being able to fully exploit their innovations because they inadvertently created barriers which prevent them from owning the future. This presentation is about how to prevent that from happening to your company, with practical advice on how to be the disruptor instead of being the disrupted.

      * CLE credit has been applied for attending this seminar.

      Event Schedule:
      5:15 p.m. Registration and networking
      6:00 p.m. Program begins
      7:30 p.m. Program concludes

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