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    Technological Leadership Institute Seeks Senior Fellow and Gemini Chair

    The University of Minnesota—Twin Cities invites applications for the position of Senior Fellow at the Technological Leadership Institute (TLI). The incumbent of this position will also hold the concurrent title of Gemini Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship. This is a non-tenured,  annually renewable, academic-administrative appointment that reports to the Director of TLI. To attract experienced, highly qualified faculty, the term of the appointment can range between  75%-100% depending on the successful candidate’s preference.  

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    MOT Faculty Member, Former Venture Capitalist: VCs Aren't for All Startups

    A Star Tribune columnist summarizes the view of ex-venture capitalist and author Dileep Rao criticisms of the growing trend where startups chase for venture capital, something he states many of today's largest tech companies once avoided or were denied. Rao also criticizes the motivation for VCs to "gain disproportionate control and wealth for themselves and their investors, which leads them to drive companies to go public or sell to bigger firms." Rao teaches in the M.S. in Management of Technology (MOT) program.

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    IEEE Smart Grid and What it Means for Us All

    Dr. Massoud Amin co-authored an article for the December 2015 IEEE Smart Grid newsletter about how the Smart Grid has developed in 2015 and what we can expect in the future.

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    Technological Leadership Student Shows How Phone Apps Can Spy on You

    M.S. in Security Technologies student Brian Hill was featured on Good Morning America to explain the dangers of cell phone geolocation apps.

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    MSST Student Discusses Cell Phone "Stalking" Apps

    Brian Hill, forensics expert and M.S. in Security Technologies student at the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota, warns Fox 9 viewers about the dangers of a new cyber trend: stalking apps.

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    Shiffer: Data on Minnesota cyberattacks hidden from public

    The Star Tribune asks cyber security expert Dr. Massoud Amin about Minnesota's risk for data breaches.

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    Technological Leadership Institute Hosts Cyber Security Summit

    Dr. Massoud Amin, director of the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute, discusses cyber security and what consumers can do to protect themselves with KARE TV.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Careers in Medical Device Cybersecurity

      June 3, 2021


      Join us on June 3 for Careers in Medical Device Cybersecurity, a lunch and learn co-hosted by the University of Minnesota's Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) and Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity (CMDC).

      The need for professionals who understand cybersecurity and its importance in the medical device industry is growing rapidly.  Whether it involves identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating risk, or mitigating it through design, there is a growing shortage of individuals with the training necessary to work in this evolving and competitive field. Hear how three alumni from TLI's M.S. in Medical Device Innovation and M.S. in Security Technologies have used their training to advance their careers.

      About the Panelists

      Andrew Bomett is the Senior Manager of Product Security at Boston Scientific, focused on the safety and security of the company’s products, applications and supporting infrastructure. Before that, he was a principal security analyst in Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Information Security team. He has over 10-years’ experience in risk-driven healthcare security architecture, ranging from embedded systems to IT infrastructure, with a focus on medical device security. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Southwest Minnesota State University and a master’s degree in security technologies (MSST) from the University of Minnesota. He is certified as both CISSP and GCFE.

      Shruti Iyer is a Senior Software Reliability Engineer at Medtronic, specializing in medical device therapies managing advanced-stage heart failure. Shruti has an M.S. in Medical Device Innovation from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2016). She is a medical device leader with a passion for empowering patients to manage their own health. Shruti is a subject matter expert in end-to-end medical device product development with 7+ years of experience. As a reliability engineering professional, she drives complex and timely risk management decisions in a highly regulated environment and solves product quality throughout the pre-market development cycle. Shruti champions Design for Reliability and Manufacturing best practices while designing statistical models to predict and grow product performance. She has facilitated in voice of the customer, as well as post-submission activities, including product launch and downstream marketing. Shruti is a team-oriented and strategy-focused leader with the ability to transform abstract and complex problems into tangible and simple solutions.

      Judd Larson is a 2016 graduate from the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation program. He also earned a minor in Cybersecurity through the M.S. in Security Technologies program. His security career started at a major Minnesota healthcare delivery organization. He currently serves as a Senior Technologist in Medtronic’s Global Product Security Office. The day-to-day device security activities that Judd deals with in his role are vulnerability assessments, public vulnerability disclosures, global medical device security regulation implementation, and stakeholder education.

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