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    Minnesota National Guard members share ideas at 2015 Cyber Security Summit

    Minnesota Guardsmen were in attendance at the 2015 Cyber Security Summit, presented by the Technological Leadership Institute.

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    Technological Leadership Institute Hosts Cyber Security Summit

    Dr. Massoud Amin, director of the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute, discusses cyber security and what consumers can do to protect themselves with KARE TV.

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    Titans of Technology 2015 — Scott Nelson

    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's Titan of Technology Scott Nelson credits TLI Senior Fellow Brian Isle for teaching him the power of employee empowerment and teamwork.

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    8 Facts That Explain SDG&E’s Complicated Relationship With Rooftop Solar

    Dr. Massoud Amin discusses power grid complexities with Voice of San Diego. 

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    What’s That Thing Hanging From Lampposts and Power Lines?

    Dr. Massoud Amin discusses the future of power line Stockbridge dampers with Slate.

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    When The Largest Machine In The World Fails

    Stephanie Joyce of Wyoming Public Radio discusses the power grid and what needs to be done to meet 21st century power needs with Dr. Massoud Amin.

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