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    Study Finds MDI Instructor's Innovation Positively Impacts Patients

    One of our M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) faculty members Dr. Lars Oddsson is widely considered a pioneer in orthopedic wearables. A new study has found that the prosthesis he helped design, Walkasins by RxFunction, improves balance and speed for patients with peripheral neuropathy. The condition, a common complication of diabetes, is the result of nerve damage and causes weakness, numbness and pain in the feet and/or hands.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson on Apps That Block Robocalls

    WCCO reporters investigate the frequency of robocall scams in Minnesota and dig into apps that claim to block these calls. TLI's Mike Johnson, director of graduate studies for the M.S. in Security Technologies, shares his views on where the technology is and what people can do to protect themselves.

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    TLI Instructor, Counterterrorism Expert Responds to California Synagogue Shooting

    Threat intelligence expert Michael Rozin, who teaches in our M.S. in Security Technologies, responds to the recent attack by a gunman at a synagogue near San Diego.

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    Dr. Amy Kircher Works to Keep Food Safe from Terrorists

    M.S. in Security Technologies faculty member and director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute Dr. Amy Kircher tells KSTP TV how the University of Minnesota protects our food supply.

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    IEEE Podcast Discusses Dr. Massoud Amin's Fellowship Achievement

    Technological Leadership Institute director and member of the IEEE-USA Energy Policy CommitteeDr. Massoud Amin, was recently named IEEE Fellow. IEEE-USA InSight Podcast discusses this achievement.

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    Dr. Massoud Amin to Present at Wayzata Public Schools’ Young Scientist Roundtable

    On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, Technological Leadership Institute Director Dr. Massoud Amin will present “The Nation’s Electrical Grid” to students and their parents at Wayzata Central Middle School, as part of the Wayzata Public Schools’ Young Scientist Roundtable series.

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    Dr. Amin Discusses Cyber Security with Former National Counterterrorism Center Director

    Cyber Security Business reported former National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen spoke at the 2015 Cyber Security Summit, and during the Q&A portion of Olsen's address, Dr. Massoud Amin asked him what we can do to better protect our power grid.

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