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    TLI Instructor, Security Expert: Anarchists, Extremists Organized to Heighten Civil Unrest in Twin Cities

    TLI faculty member and security expert Michael Rozin — who led a team of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets and CIA agents to protect companies and assist the government during recent civil unrest in the Twin Cities that followed the killing of George Floyd — said that organized anarchist and extremist groups were behind the majority of fires and gunshots during the worst three-day period of the unrest.

    "The anarchists, the extremist groups, were operating in an organized fashion," Rozin said. "They were operating in what almost appears to be an asymmetric warfare manner."

    Rozin teaches in the M.S. in Security Technologies (MSST) program.

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    Designing for Health: MDI Alumna and Student on Bridging Apparel Design with Medical Devices

    What do Anna Peshock and Shannon (Smith) Williamson have in common? They are both alumni of the B.S. in Apparel Design program who went on to pursue the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) "to take on the challenges of designing, developing, and commercializing medical devices."

    Williamson is a 2017 MDI graduate and Peshock is a current MDI student (class of 2020).

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    MDI 2017 Alumna Shares DIY Face Mask Tips

    Photo of MDI alumna Shannon (Smith) Williamson

    Shannon (Smith) Williamson, a 2017 graduate of the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) program and 2011 graduate of the B.S. in Apparel Design program, pursued a career in the medtech sector to combine her passions for design and healthcare. In this article, she explains how to fashion an at-home face mask in order to protect yourself without jeopardizing the limited supply that is vital for healthcare workers and highest-risk individuals.

    Learn more about Shannon by reading this blog we wrote about her when she was a student and by watching this video on the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation in which she shares her story.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson on Why State's IT Systems Have Seen Hundreds of Attacks

    In 2019, state-run information technology systems were subject to hundreds of cyber attacks. In fact, Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) responded to at least 1,500 last year. Mike Johnson, director of the M.S. in Security Technologies program, spoke with reporters about the issue, saying that government is a prime target "because it looks like every other target" in the sense that it can store payment methods and personal information that cyber criminals aim to sell on the black market. Read the full story below.

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    • Webinar: Leadership and Innovation in a Crisis — Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      July 8, 2020


      Join us Wednesday, July 8 at 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. for a webinar aimed at prospective applicants to the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) program and all others interested in medical technology and leadership.

      Leadership and innovation are challenging under the best of circumstances and, arguably, more so during a crisis; yet, as the stakes increase, so do the opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic provides a fitting backdrop and countless examples of both the challenges and opportunities. This panel brings together an MDI alumnus who has found in the COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to lead & innovate, and two members of the MDI faculty: Steve Webster, an expert in the process of innovation and how to manage it, and Joe Hale, an engineer, inventor and expert in medical device Biodesign. The central questions to be addressed by the panelist is; “How do leadership skills and an understanding of the innovation process help medtech businesses seize on opportunities in challenging times?”

      Image featuring event title, date and time, and headshots and titles of the panelists

      The event will be moderated by Daniel Mooradian, Ph.D., director of graduate studies for the MDI program and Honeywell/James J. Renier Chair in Technology Management. View Dan's LinkedIn profile here.

      The panelists include:

      Joe Hale is a member of the MDI faculty and former director the Innovation Fellows program at the Earl E. Bakken Medical Device Center, as well as a member of the inaugural class in that program. He has been teaching the MDI Biodesign Practicum since the program's launch in 2014.  He is an independent medical device consultant with expertise in new product and business development. His experience includes various roles with several startups and early-stage medical device companies, including Raymedica, Spineology and Conventus Orthopaedics. Click here to view his LinkedIn profile.

      Shannon Smith Williamson: Curious about the how and why of the world and driven to disrupt what doesn’t work, Shannon has leveraged her unique science and design background to optimize health and life through thoughtful design. After earning a B.S. in Apparel Design, she worked as an apparel designer before deciding to merge her passion for design and healthcare. In 2017, she graduated with an M.S. in Medical Device Innovation from TLI, during which time she was named an Innovation Fellow at the University's Medical Device Center. She is currently a UX designer for Medtronic. She gained widespread attention this spring for a DIY mask she designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read the blog we wrote on Shannon when she was an MDI student.

      Steve Webster is the Edson W. Spencer Chair in Technology Management at TLI, where he teaches courses in innovation and technological business fundamentals.  Previously he was with 3M Company for 31 years, serving as a vice president of R&D for 12 years. Steve serves on the board of Communication Systems Inc. and the Guthrie Theater. Click here to view his LinkedIn profile.

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