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    Dr. Massoud Amin on the Power of Microgrids

    Director of the Technological Leadership Institute and Chairman of IEEE Smart Grid, Dr. Massoud Amin writes about moving the North American power sector from centralized power to a national network of microgrids for an article in Electricity Today Magazine.

  • Mat Wilcek


    MSST Alumnus Gives Back by Teaching Others about Information Security

    MSST alumnus Mat Wilcek’s experience in information systems security pushed him to pursue a master's to increase his opportunities for sharing his knowledge with others. He chose the Technological Leadership Institute because it offered an on-campus program tailored to working professionals.
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    Dr. Massoud Amin Talks About New Energy Technologies with University of Minnesota Retirees Association

    TLI's director, Dr. Massoud Amin addressed the evolution of technologies and ways of doing business in the electric energy industry at the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) luncheon in April 2016, as promoted in the UMRA Newsletter.

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    TLI's Michael Rozin Continues Discussion about Terrorism Abroad

    Michael Rozin, who is a counterterrorism expert and M.S. in Security Technologies faculty member at the Technological Leadership Institute, continues his discussion with KSTP TV about the attacks in Brussels and what it means for the U.S. and Minnesota.

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    MSST Faculty Member Michael Rozin Discusses Terror Attacks in Brussels

    M.S. in Security Technologies faculty member and counterterrorism expert Michael Rozin was a guest on KSTP TV to discuss terrorism in Brussels.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson Discusses Data Security in Manufacturing Industry with Enterprise Minnesota

    In an article for the March 2016 issue of Enterprise Minnesota, M.S. in Security Technologies faculty member Mike Johnson says many manufacturing firms don’t realize how valuable their data might be.

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    Dr. Amy Kircher Works to Keep Food Safe from Terrorists

    M.S. in Security Technologies faculty member and director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute Dr. Amy Kircher tells KSTP TV how the University of Minnesota protects our food supply.