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    TLI's Mike Johnson on Congressional Rollback of Internet Privacy Protection

    Mike Johnson, director of graduate studies for TLI's M.S. in Security Technologies degree program, talked with Kare 11 about what people can do to help protect their privacy following the recent rollbacks of Internet privacy protection rules from Congress.

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    TLI Security Expert Mike Rozin Comments on March 2017 London Terror Attack

    TLI faculty member and security expert Michael Rozin spoke with KSTP about the London terror attack that took place on March 22, and what organizations can do to prevent and respond to terror attacks. Rozin is a professor in the M.S. in Security Technologies degree program at TLI.

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    Dr. Massoud Amin Announces 2017 ETS Thought Leader of the Year Award

    Watch TLI Director and father of the smart grid Dr. Massoud Amin announce Zpryme's 2017’s “ETS Thought Leader of the Year.” Dr. Amin was the 2015 recipient of the award, which honors an individual with an innovative and bold vision for the global energy ecosystem.

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    Dr. Massoud Amin on Lack of Investment in Electric Utility Sector

    TLI Director Dr. Massoud Amin is quoted in a Forbes article on the lack of innovation in the electric utility sector, resulting in a lack of power generating technology for defense-related purposes such as those prioritized by the Pentagon.

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    TLI's Kirk Froggatt on Reducing Risks, Achieving Commercial Success

    In a blog post for MIN-Corps  a joint initiative among three colleges/institutes at the University of Minnesota with the goal of increasing research-based technology commercialization capabilities and activities  TLI's Kirk Froggatt outlines how to mitigate risks associated with innovation and entrepreneurship to establish product-market fit to achieve commercial success. Froggatt is a senior fellow at TLI and Gemini Chair in Technology Management. His expertise includes leadership and organization development in high-tech and innovation-based organization, change management and more.

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    TLI's Mike Rozin Explains Signs that Could Prevent Terror Attacks

    TLI faculty member and security expert Michael Rozin spoke with Kare 11 about signs that could prevent terror attacks, from the December assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey to the January shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Rozin is a professor in the M.S. in Security Technologies degree program at TLI.