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    Designing for Health: MDI Alumna and Student on Bridging Apparel Design with Medical Devices

    What do Anna Peshock and Shannon (Smith) Williamson have in common? They are both alumni of the B.S. in Apparel Design program who went on to pursue the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) "to take on the challenges of designing, developing, and commercializing medical devices."

    Williamson is a 2017 MDI graduate and Peshock is a current MDI student (class of 2020).

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    MDI 2017 Alumna Shares DIY Face Mask Tips

    Photo of MDI alumna Shannon (Smith) Williamson

    Shannon (Smith) Williamson, a 2017 graduate of the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation (MDI) program and 2011 graduate of the B.S. in Apparel Design program, pursued a career in the medtech sector to combine her passions for design and healthcare. In this article, she explains how to fashion an at-home face mask in order to protect yourself without jeopardizing the limited supply that is vital for healthcare workers and highest-risk individuals.

    Learn more about Shannon by reading this blog we wrote about her when she was a student and by watching this video on the M.S. in Medical Device Innovation in which she shares her story.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson on Why State's IT Systems Have Seen Hundreds of Attacks

    In 2019, state-run information technology systems were subject to hundreds of cyber attacks. In fact, Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) responded to at least 1,500 last year. Mike Johnson, director of the M.S. in Security Technologies program, spoke with reporters about the issue, saying that government is a prime target "because it looks like every other target" in the sense that it can store payment methods and personal information that cyber criminals aim to sell on the black market. Read the full story below.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson Responds to Security of Popular Budgeting Apps

    Mike Johnson, director of the M.S. in Security Technologies program, discusses potential security flaws behind the many popular smartphone apps designed to help people balance their checkbooks. For one, users give away their banking information, which raises privacy as well as security concerns.

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    TLI's Mike Johnson Responds to Credit Card Breach Affecting Landry-Owned Restaurant Chains

    Mike Johnson, director of our M.S. in Security Technologies degree program, speaks with reporters about a credit card breach that affected many restaurant chains owned by Houston-based company Landry. Restaurants affected include McCormick & Schmick's, Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and more.

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    TLI Cybersecurity Expert Responds to Rising Gulf Tensions

    Experts have recently warned that the Gulf could experience more waves of cyberattacks in the midst of rising tensions. This is following after Saudi Arabian authorities reported a data-wiping malware "DUSTMAN" hitting a regional enterprise. TLI faculty member and cybersecurity expert Jonathan Wrolstad reacted, stating that he believes attacks from Iran will continue against Middle East rivals such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Wrolstad teaches in the M.S. in Security Technologies and is a cyber threat intelligence team lead at Symantec.

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    Counterterrorism Expert Michael Rozin Responds to US-Iran Tensions Following US Airstrike

    Security and counterterrorism expert and TLI faculty member Michael Rozin spoke with reporters from both KSTP and Kare11 about the US and Iran tensions following a US airstrike that killed a top Iranian General. Rozin teaches in the M.S. in Security Technologies program.

    Full story from Kare11:

    Full story from KSTP:

  • Photo of MOT 2016 alumnus Thierry Boudet


    MOT Alumnus Uses Capstone Project to Help Others Create a Culture of Innovation

    One of the hallmarks of our MOT program is learning about innovation in technology. But how does one actually go about creating an innovation culture? MOT 2016 alumnus Thierry Boudet set out to explore this. It started out as his capstone and evolved into an ongoing project about his workplace, our very own University of Minnesota, with Boudet giving numerous workshops within the U and out in the general public.
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    MOT, MSST Instructor Comments on New Book on Risk Management for the Energy Sector

    Dr. Alfred Marcus, Edson W. Spencer Chair in Strategic Management and instructor in our M.S. in Management of Technology (MOT) and M.S. in Security Technologies (MSST) programs, has released a new book titled "Strategies for Managing Uncertainty." He spoke with a news editor about how climate change involves a lot of risk management, focusing on oil, gas and automotive companies.

  • Photo of Alida Kuete, a student in the M.S. in Security Technologies class of 2020


    MSST Student Transgresses Cultural, Physical and Virtual Borders

    Cyber security is defined as the practice of defending electronic devices from breaches and attacks. It's an area that has no borders, connecting (and exposing) machines and systems, and people, communities and nations alike. Alida Kuete, a student in the M.S. in Security Technologies class of 2020, has also transgressed borders. A native of Mbouda, a small village in the west region of Cameroon, she spoke with us about how she pushed against expectations and norms in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a cybersecurity leader.