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How to Apply

We are glad you are considering taking the next step toward advancing your career by applying to a degree program at the University of Minnesota's Technological Leadership Institute. The application process for our three Master of Science degree programs: Management of Technology, Medical Device Innovation, and Security Technologies, is outlined below. 

Create an application

In order to get started, you will need to create an online application. This will be used to submit all required documentation to apply to any of TLI's three degree programs, which are a part of the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis. The steps below will walk you through each section of the application. 

Step 1: Create an Online Application

To begin the graduate school application process you need to access the online application system and create an account. This application is where you will submit all documentation required to apply to any of TLI's three degree programs. The steps below will walk you through each section of the application. 

Step 2: Term Selection

Select the following term for the prospective program for which you are applying:

  • MDI: Fall term
  • MOT: Fall term
  • MSST: Fall term

Step 3: Biographical Information

In this section, you will be asked to provide general information, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Birthdate
  • Citizenship information

Step 4: Personal Background

This section asks for information on:

  • Military service
  • Gender
  • Education background
  • Languages you speak

Step 5: Academic History

Upload your unofficial transcript(s).

  • If you have attended more than one post-secondary institution, please include all unofficial transcripts.
  • International students should upload an English translation if the transcript is not in English.

Note: Official transcripts/academic records are required after you are admitted to a graduate program. You will receive a list of the specific credentials that are required from you at the time of admission. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the University of Minnesota from the issuing institution. Do NOT send official transcripts to yourself first.

Step 6: Test Scores

  • Academic tests are NOT required for admission into TLI programs (e.g. GRE, GMAT, etc.).
  • International students: please see "English language proficiency test scores" below.

Step 7: Employment History

Enter your employment history into the application.

Step 8: Materials

Both a personal statement and your resume/CV are required on the application.

Personal Statement:

A personal statement is generally 1-3 pages, and should include:

  • Your interest in the graduate program and why you selected it.
  • Your managerial and/or technical leadership experience, abilities, and interest in increasing your skills and opportunities.
  • Your expectations for program outcomes, and how you anticipate using the skills you will gain to achieve your short- and long-term career goals.
  • Specific courses that you feel will apply to your current and future work challenges and needs.


  • Upload your current resume/CV in the online application system.

Optional Items:

The following sections of the online application are NOT required, but may be submitted if desired:

  • Diversity statement
  • Extenuating circumstances statement
  • Writing sample(s)
  • Research sample(s)
  • Graduate program additional material


Step 9: Letters of Recommendation

The number of letters of recommendations required varies by program. For the TLI programs, you will need: 

  • MDI: Two letters
  • MOT: Three letters
  • MSST: Two letters


  • Letter writers should be professors, supervisors or clients who have reviewed your academic and/or professional capabilities.
  • Include one letter from your current supervisor (if applicable)
  • Enter the names and email addresses of your letter writers. The system will send them an email with directions for uploading their letters of recommendation. Do this early in the process to allow enough time for your letter writers.
  • You may finish and submit your application before your letters are submitted by the writers.

Step 10: Submit

Submit the application and pay the application fee.

All candidates who submit an application and meet TLI qualifications will be invited for an admissions interview.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores (International Students Only)

English language proficiency test results are required for international and domestic applicants whose first language is not English. The exam date and scores must be within two years of your graduate program's start date.

TLI's language proficiency test score requirements exceed the University of Minnesota Graduate School Admissions Office requirements. Below are the accepted tests and TLI score requirements: 

  • TOEFL (total): 90 or above
  • IELTS (total): 7.0 or above
  • MELAB (total): 83 or above

**Note that the University of Minnesota does not consider MyBest Scores: Sum of Highest Section Scores of the TOEFL iBT Score Report to meet the minimum total score requirement for admission. Applicants should self-report their highest Total Score from the one test date in the Application for Admission. Applicants should also submit the official TOEFL iBT scores via ETS.

For more information on how to submit test scores, please visit the U of M English Language Proficiency webpage. 

English language proficiency test scores are not required for applicants that have completed post-secondary coursework in:

  • United States
  • Canada (except Quebec)
  • United Kingdom/Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Most current and former British and U.S. territories in the Caribbean/Central and South America

To qualify for an exemption, the coursework must:

  • Consist of at least 16 semester credits or 24 quarter credits
  • Not include ESL coursework
  • Have been completed within the past two years

Contact if you have questions about English language testing.

Attend an Information Session

It is strongly recommended that all prospective students attend an information session prior to application. Visit our information session calendar to view upcoming dates.