Technically Speaking Series

Ten Types of Innovation: Multiple Ways to Change the Game and Win | Technological Leadership Institute

Series Event Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 5:30pm

Location: Thomas H. Swain Room

Speakers: Kirk Froggatt, TLI Gemini Chair in Technology Management

In technology companies we tend to invest disproportionately in new product and technology innovation to fuel our growth. It turns out that product innovation alone often is insufficient to generate profitable growth. In this interactive workshop we introduced the Doblin Group's research on ten types of innovation and give you time to explore how the various types of innovation may be able to help your company win in the marketplace.

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About the Speaker

Kirk Froggatt holds the Gemini Chair in Technology Management at TLI. Prior to joining TLI, Kirk spent 27 years in senior talent management, leadership development and organization effectiveness roles at HP, Silicon Graphics, Yahoo!, Agilent Technologies, and Ecolab. The common theme throughout Kirk's career has been helping technical experts become more effective innovation leaders capable of building teams that translate technical ideas into customer solutions and business models to generate greater profitable growth.

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Technically Speaking

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