Technically Speaking Series

Commercializing Nanotechnology | Technological Leadership Institute

Series Event Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 5:30pm

Location: Thomas H. Swain Room

Speakers: Steven Webster, Dr. Stephen Campbell, Dr. Kenneth Hanley, and Claire T. Hovland

This panel discussion talked about some significant product successes based on nano-technology, and the unique challenges in commercializing such advanced materials. We also looked ahead at the next exciting nanotech applications, and the infrastructure the University of Minnesota has put in place to help move ideas from the lab to the market.


Steven Webster
Senior Fellow
Honeywell/Edson W. Spencer Chair in Technology Management
Technological Leadership Institute


Dr. Stephen Campbell

In research, Professor Campbell is most well known for pioneering efforts in high permittivity (aka high-k) materials for the gate insulator in deeply scaled MOSFETs. This revolution in transistor design has now been adopted by most of the leading edge integrated circuit manufacturers. His other current interests include ultra high speed MEMS, where he has demonstrated sub-nanosecond mechanical switching, silicon nanoparticle devices where he is building transistors and quantum dot LEDs, and efficient thin film photovoltaics.In the education area, Professor Campbell leads the University's participation in Nano-Link, an NSF sponsored regional center for nanotechnology education at the AAS level. He has designed and implemented a one-semester capstone experience. Professor Campbell is the author of The Science and Technology of Microelectronic Fabrication, the most widely used textbook on microfabrication. After more than a dozen printings, it is now in its third edition. Professor Campbell's teaching experience includes Microfabrication, Semiconductor Devices, Electromagnetic Fields, Analog Electronics, Linear Circuits, Circuits Lab, Senior Design, and Materials and Devices. Professor Campbell serves as the Minnesota lead for the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), a network established by NSF to support nanotechnology research.He directs the University's NanoFabrication Center ( and is the founding director of the University's Center for Nanostructure Applications (

Dr. Kenneth Hanley

Dr. Kenneth Hanley is a Senior Laboratory Manager at 3M Company in the Display Materials and Systems Division. He has over 15 years of corporate research and product development in consumer products and industrial OEM components. For the past ten years, Dr. Hanley has led the development of new films and technologies for enhancing Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) used in consumer electronics. His teams have commercialized over 50 new products which are currently used in the many of the iconic smartphone, tablet and notebook devices on the market. His current emphasis is development color-enhancement technologies for LCD's featuring quantum dot materials. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Claire T. Hovland

Claire T. Hovland is a co‐founder of Universal Magnetic Systems (UMS) and has served as a Director, CEO, and President of the Company since it began. Mr. Hovland has been involved with scientific and medical product development and domestic and international products distribution for over thirty years. He previously co‐founded several medical device companies, including Applied Biometrics, Inc. that did an IPO in 1993, and UroMetrics, Inc. that was sold to private investors in 2003. Prior to that time, he worked for Physical Electronics Industries Inc. and Perkin Elmer Corporation for 15 years, including positions as Director of Sales, Service, and Marketing where he developed expertise in ultrahigh vacuum instrumentation, analytical methods, and ion sputtering technologies. Mr. Hovland earned a BS degree in Physics from Northern Arizona University and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

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