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TLI Alumni Become Local and Global Leaders

Since 1987, graduates from the Technological Leadership Institute have seen great successes, thriving in tech-intensive companies, government and organizations to ensure the U.S. stays at the forefront of the high-tech global market. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our alumni and we have dedicated this page to showcase our graduates' contributions to the communities they serve. 

  • 33 Year History
  • 1,400+ M.S. Graduates
  • 2,400 Short Course Alumni

Graduates from the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute influence technology development and innovation-based economic growth. This positively impacts the economy in Minnesota, our nation and beyond.  

                                                                             - Dr. Massoud Amin

Alumni Spotlight

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Alumni Spotlight

"I, too, am struggling”: An Account of Leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The true man is revealed in difficult times. So when trouble comes, think of yourself as a wrestler whom God, like a trainer, has paired with a tough young buck. For what purpose? To turn you into Olympic-class material.” 
- Epictetus

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    A Message for TLI's MOT 2020 Graduates

    As the Technological Leadership Institute’s (TLI) 2020 graduates join others from around the University of Minnesota and within the College of Science and Engineering for a virtual commencement on May 16, the TLI staff and faculty would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations and thank you. We hope to celebrate you and your accomplishments in person at a time that is considered safe to do so. In the meantime, TLI’s Interim Director Doug Ernie has a personal message he would like to share with the MOT Class of 2020, which recently completed their program.