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U.S. Electrical Grid Gets Less Reliable as Outages Increase and R&D Decreases

Since 1995, electrical grid power outages have steadily increased as R&D in new technologies steadily decreased.

Dr. Massoud Amin

Author’s Note: Recently, I wrote an article for the IEEE Spectrum on the U.S. Electrical Grid. The original post can be found in the IEEE Energy Policy Department. I also spoke on this subject to NPR [...]

Smart Grid Distribution Systems Vulnerabilities and Security Needs

Before deployment of a self-healing power grid, physical and cyber security issues for smart grid distribution systems must be discussed, including vulnerabilities and security needs. Planning has already begun to replace much of the antiquated electric infrastructure with digital systems providing the grid with the capability to reconfigure itself and prevent widespread outages. Often, this collection of digital overlaid systems is referred to as ‘smart grid’. The benefits from smart grid, however, go well beyond just increasing the reliability and security of the nation’s electricity supply. It provides a means to reach national energy independence, control emissions, and combat global warming. [...]