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U.S. Electricity Blackouts Skyrocket []

Demand for a national smart grid is rapidly growing across the nation. No state understands this demand better than New York. New Yorkers spend an average of 3.5 hours without power each year, 232% more time than heartland states (natural disasters excluded).

These electric grid vulnerabilities pose serious threats to northeastern and southeastern states as infrastructures age. Some states have already begun to implement some features of a smart grid, which would allow utilities to automatically identify and fix power failures.

As more and more states recognize the value in instituting smart grid technology, the frequency of power outages will greatly decrease.

“It’s hard to imagine how anyone could believe that — in the United States — we should learn to cope with blackouts,” said University of Minnesota Professor Massoud Amin, a leading expert on the U.S. electricity grid and Director of a security technologies graduate program at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Amin was recently featured in article on the skyrocketing number of U.S. electricity blackouts.

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    2 comments to U.S. Electricity Blackouts Skyrocket []

    • As we move through time past the industrial revolution through to the end of the century responsible for the technology revolution. We may not realize how significant and precarious our current living conditions are placed. People born this century inevitably will have no idea that the society they are born into is living on a knife edge with regards to their basic needs. Electricity, food, shelter, water. One meteorite or solar flare and this could be gone in a flash….but people would still survive without emergency preparedness skills so this where they will suffer. If we start by not taking these things for granted and monitoring our electricity usage to understand what we do and do not need this would be a start. You can see more information under the articles section here
      We the care takers need to impart information to our younger generations to prepare them and make our planet a better place.

      comments please


    • Since most power outages are caused by storms and weather conditions knocking out power lines, does this speak more to weather pattern changes than aging systems?

      Utilities repair and maintain utility lines as part of their regular operations. They are required by all state Public Service Commission’s (PUC’s) to restore power as quickly as possible.

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