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IQ and Technical Expertise Get You Hired. EQ Turbocharges Your Performance and Gets You Promoted.

Kirk Froggatt

Do you know someone who is technically brilliant but not an effective collaborator or leader? Someone who really knows his stuff, but likes to talk much more than listen to anyone else’s point of view? Someone who has all the answers and doesn’t appreciate it when others challenge his ideas or suggest another [...]

Advice from Women Leading in Technology


Kristin Trautman

At our latest Technically Speaking event Women in Technology Leadership: Trials, Tribulations and Lessons Learned, TLI brought together four women at the top of their fields in technology leadership:

Becky Bergman – VP of Research & Technology, CRDM at Medtronic Amanda Downs – Account Executive at EMC Betty Gladfelter – Business & [...]

Advanced Power & Energy Cluster Completes First Year with Record of Job Creation

Chip Laingen

The Advanced Power & Energy Cluster (APC) recently completed its first year of operation for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The APC is engaged in connecting the innovation of small businesses to technology needs for the nation’s defense, and for commercial applications. The initiative has helped to create more than 250 jobs [...]

A busy Saturday at TLI

Amy Danzeisen

You would think that working weekends would be a bummer, but last Saturday I had such a great time – at work! A few of us on staff here at TLI alternate working Saturdays to cover class days for our Management of Technology Program. Last Saturday it was my turn. Shortly after class [...]